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Peter Walker, the founder of World Capital Management (WCM), has over 40 years of experience with major investment management firms. 

Peter began his investment career as a marketing analyst for Charles Schwab.   After Schwab, Peter worked for Drexel Burnham Lambert, a firm made famous by Michael Milken for his high yield bond investing, and Quick and Reilly, a major discount brokerage pioneer.  Later Peter help found Insight Capital, an investment management firm which quickly grew to become nationally recognized. 

In 1986 Peter founded Money Manager Review http://www.managerreview.com, an online performance tracker of the nation’s leading money managers.  MMR provides a completely unbiased, in-depth analysis of hundreds of the world's leading investment managers. The database allows investors to quickly sort, rank and pick managers that best fit their investment objectives. For over 3 decades, thousands of high net worth individuals, wealth management consultants, plan sponsors, and foundations from around the world have relied on MMR to compare, rank, analyze and choose private money managers.  MMR continues to be widely used today.

In 2018 Peter founded World Capital Management.  Based on over 30 years of investment experience, Peter recognized the value of combining multiple technology ETFs using an “index of indexes” approach.  Investing in a very large number of publically traded technology companies, the portfolio seeks to spread investment risk while achieving a consistent performance that captures the historically high returns of the fast-growing technology sector. 

WCM’s support staff includes Raj Shekar, MMR’s Technology Director, Dong Jun, WCM's Software Program Director Alfred Wayne, Web Developer, Sharif Babu, Web Designer and Project Developer, & Chandriga Walker, Office Manager.

WCM is an affiliate of MMR which is an approved Investment Advisor registered with the State of California and is governed by the California Corporate Securities Act of 1968.



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