Technology 500 Index  & Renewable Energy 1 Portfolios

At World Capital Management we believe Technology and Clean Energy offer the greatest potential for capital appreciation in today’s quickly changing economic environment.   You can invest in both portfolios or select just one.*

The Renewable Energy 1 portfolio holds 10 companies, is currently paying a dividend of 5.7% and is up 38% in the past 12 months.  This select clean energy group has some of the highest dividend payouts within the sector.*


Our second portfolio, the Technology 500 Index has had an 18% annualized return for the past 5‐years.  Our Technology 500 Index invests in about 500 technology-related companies using ETFs in the technology sector.*

The anticipated yield for the combined portfolios is about 3.1%.*

We offer 2 account sizes:


Our mini-portfolios are held at Motif Brokerage and have an account minimum that starts at $550. 


Our regular-sized portfolios are held at either Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade and have an account minimum starting at $250,000.

 Click here for information on our fee schedule.*


To get started call us at 1-415-386-7111 or email us at info&WorldCapitalManagement.Org.





* Dividend returns and performance numbers are as of September 20, 2019.  All accounts are SIPC insured. Numbers and statements made regarding performance are subject to change. 
* All WCM mini-portfolio accounts are held at Motif Investing Inc.  Motif Investing’s clearing partner, Pershing LLC, is one of the industry’s leading firms with a strong track record in handling the needs of online brokerages.  Pershing LLC  is a subsidy of NY Mellon Bank with assets in excess of $1 trillion dollars.

*Initial mini-portfolio account minimums are $550.  Account holdings must communicate in advance with WCM before making any changes to their account.

Regular accounts must meet an account size minimum of $250,000 or above and are held at TD Ameritrade

*Past performance does not guarantee future returns.

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