At World Capital Management our investment strategy begins with buying companies that dominate their economic sector.  Microsoft and Apple monopolize desktop and mobile computing applications, Google has a lock on information technology, Amazon controls online purchasing and Facebook has the most widely used social media platform. These technology-based companies offer great efficiencies, high adaptability to changing market conditions, and fast growth.  And because we capital-weight base our investments, if any of these companies fall out of favor we replace them with new market leaders. Our investment in these companies can run as high as 60% of our portfolio.


Our remaining portfolio is invested in technology-based companies that are growing faster than the economy.  These companies might be semiconductor manufacturers, developers of electric cars, software developers, or creators of new pharmaceuticals.  We put our money to work by investing in the largest companies in the fastest-growing market sectors.


Our portfolio's keystone holdings consist of both large and fast-growing companies.

To see whether our strategy works visit our continuously updated performance report where we compare our track record to one of the most widely followed investment benchmarks, the S&P 500.

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